BI Innovations announces the collection of applications for the Construction Hackathon < / codeTobuild>!

What you will need to do: Solve problems in the field of digitalization of the construction industry. The total number of tasks is 7. Teams can provide a solution for 1-2 tasks out of the 7 presented. The choice of tasks is left to the Teams.

Team requirements

  • * IT students;
  • Both novice and advanced developers.

The number of people in the team is from 3 to 5.

Requirements for solutions: Potentially realizable.

Format of the event: Online

Place: MS Teams (you must register in advance on the platform)

Prize fund: Total prize fund – 3,500,000 tenge.

500,000 tenge for the successful solution of each task and the chance to get a certificate for training in BIT Academy (BI Innovations).

Start of application acceptance: 04.03.2021

The end of the application process: 31.03.2021, 16.00.

Opening of the Hackathon and announcement of tasks: in early April.

The hackathon will be held in 2 stages: stage

1 - presentation of the team.

Stage 2 - presentation of solutions.

Register by following the link:

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