Testing of the first educational platform for training in the digital economy DATALIB.RU

Dear colleagues!

EDP Hub LLP (Almaty) has provided your university and all students and teachers with the opportunity to get free access to the unique educational platform for training in the digital economy DATALIB.RU from October 18 to November 18, 2023.

The digital educational resource DATALIB (datalib.ru) is an actual, modern and unparalleled product of the company, focused on providing digital disciplines with educational content on all branches of knowledge and on all cross-cutting and digital technologies for the training of highly qualified personnel in the digital economy.

The resource will be in demand at the Faculty of Information Technologies, educational programs of bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs. It is also indispensable for universities that are part of the Digital Universities project.

The platform includes: educational and scientific publications selected on the basis of thorough expertise, including the results of major federal competitions held jointly with Innopolis University. The unique database of digital library publications includes such areas as: computer science, programming, combinatorics, big data analysis and storage, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, neurotechnologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies, wireless communication technologies and the Internet of Things, etc.

In addition to the digital library, the platform includes a tool-constructor of digital disciplines, smart courses on end-to-end digital technologies and a unique project "Lecture.DATALIB" - exclusive educational content on end-to-end digital technologies from industry leaders.

We send you logins and passwords for remote login to the system via the Internet: https://datalib.ru.

For the administrator (university representative) we suggest using the following credentials:

login iitu.kz_stat

password Vtb7t8J5

(under these credentials it will be possible to track student and faculty statistics, register users and integrate with the university software).

Single login and password for students and teachers:

login iitu.kz

password TVDRzB2u

(further in the system users under these credentials in remote mode perform independent personal registration).

Please note that the provided logins and passwords can not be made publicly available.

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