Information Letter to Heads of Higher Education Institutions!

Information letter to Heads of Higher Education Institutions !

In RGU "Republican Library for blind and visually impaired citizens" on October 26-27, 2023 will be held Open Days.

The purpose of the event: Popularization of the activities of the library RGU "RBNSG", attracting new users and introducing them to reading.

We invite students of universities and colleges, workers of social and medical institutions, members of NGOs, librarians, users of the RSU "RBNSG" and all interested persons to the event.

During these days in library will be organized exhibitions "Novelties of fund of RSU "RBNSG", tactile books "Monuments of history and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in tactile books", reflecting cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

Excursions to the departments of the library will be organized for you. Visitors will get acquainted with the process of editing audiobooks, translation of flat-printed text into Braille and its printing for users. In the reading room of the department of individual service the visitors will be offered documentary films "Temirbek Zhurgenov" directed by Kalila Umarov with tiflo commentary for blind and visually impaired readers and the movie with tiflo commentary "Legend #17"

You will see the tiflocomplex - the workplace of a blind specialist, as well as get acquainted with the tiflotechnical equipment and tiflotechnical means.

Employees of the department of library development, bibliography and typhlology will familiarize you in detail with the work of the rehabilitation room, with the exhibitions of typhlographic devices "The World to Touch", "Our Editions", with the manuals published by the department and tell you about the work on rehabilitation of people with disabilities, their integration into society.

During the Open Days there will be a presentation of the collection of poems "I love life" of the blind poet, honorary member of KOS Ivanovsky Vladimir Venediktovich published by the library to his 85th anniversary (series "Roads to Poetry", 39th issue).

On October 27 at 14. 00 o'clock will be held a creative evening within the project "Өnegeli өmir", dedicated to the work of a member of the literary and cultural club "Өner өrimderi", the winner of the I-II All-Union amateur talent competition, the owner of the badge "Madeniyet kairatkeri, performer of traditional songs - Bauyrzhan Kumarbekov RSU "RBNSG" invites you to October 26-27, 2023 at the Open House from 10. 00-16.00 hours.

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