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Information for admission

STEP 1. Submit an application in free form to int@iitu.edu.kz

1) Send a scanned copy of your passport

2) Send a scan of the certificate of secondary education with the application

3) If available, send valid copies of IELTS/TOEFL certificates

STEP 2. Pass the "Interview" by invitation

After the department staff receives your application, you will receive a link to an online interview, or you will receive an invitation to an offline interview at the university with a date and time.

STEP 3. Submit the main documents

1) Notarized copy of the passport

2) Notarized certificate of general secondary education with an appendix (go through the nostrification / recognition procedure during the first semester of study)

3) Photo 3x4 (6 pcs)

4) Medical certificate form 086-y

5) The original fluorographic image, which must contain two medical signatures and two medical seals (the certificate is valid if its period does not exceed 6 months).

6) Certificate of non-conviction

7) Payment of a deposit in the amount of 20% of the total amount of the first year of study to the account of the university.

STEP 4. Enrollment

1) Sign an agreement for the provision of educational services.

2) After receiving the enrollment order, apply to the Department for International Affairs and Academic Mobility for temporary registration / visa (depending on the country of arrival)

3) If the student is not on the territory of Kazakhstan and does not have the opportunity to enter the country without a visa, the Department for International Affairs and Academic Mobility makes an invitation for the student through the Migration Services Center (the student pays 30 MCI (1 MCI-3063 tenge) and waits for a response within 7 days)

4) Obtain an Individual Identification Number (IIN) at State Corporation Government for Citizens (PSC)

STEP 5. Registration for subjects

For questions about scheduling, calculating the cost and registering for subjects, you must contact the advisor from the department to which you were enrolled as a student.

Reminder for a foreign student:

A student who has received a temporary registration or a visa undertakes to notify the Department for International Affairs and Academic Mobility of MUIT JSC about each arrival and departure from the Republic of Kazakhstan within 1 day, for further education. In case of violation of the rules, JSC "MUIT" has the right to expel a student.

For all further details please contact int@iitu.edu.kz

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