ALLVET Round table February 2021

The team of the International University of Information Technologies for the implementation of the international project Erasmus + ALLVET held a round table to discuss the results of the past year and discuss the plans for the future period. Participants were trained in professional English and tuning methodology. Also, in a solemn atmosphere there were awarded certificates based on the results of studying professional English courses, Courses for participants were conducted by the University of Thessaloniki. At a round table ,which held at the iIITU was the discussion about the knowledge and skills, which they got during the trainings . Aizhan Kalmykbayeva, Vasiliy Serbin, Gulnar Zakirova, Roza Utesheva, Galym Omarov, Aigul Niyazgulova shared their views on the effectiveness of courses on tuning methodology. The knowledge acquired during the trainings will serve as the basis for conducting trainings for college teachers. The next step is to transfer the quality knowledge of transferring methodology to college teachers.

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