International University of Information Technologies is a leading institution of higher education in the Central Asian region in the field of training qualified, internationally recognized IT specialists.

Dual Degree Program with Inha University (South Korea).

Attention! The program will be available from March 2021.

Education takes place at Inha University in Incheon (South Korea). In the ranking of the most significant and popular universities in the country, Inha University is in the top ten, and its technical and civil engineering faculties are in 4th place in the ranking of South Korean universities.

Purpose of the Program:

The aim of the program is to develop higher education and strengthen cultural exchange between the two countries through the joint development of talents with opportunities for internationalization and creativity.

Benefits of the program:

- Studying at IITU and Inha University according to a collaborative curriculum development that meets Kazakhstani and world standards for training bachelors;

- Students enrolled in the programs are subject to "double admission", that is, they are simultaneously enrolled in both partner universities;

- Teachers are highly qualified Kazakhstani and foreign specialists;

- Graduates of the programs receive two diplomas: a Kazakh diploma of higher education and a state diploma from a foreign partner university.

Directions of the program:

  1. Business / Economics
  2. IT specialties

Requirements for students:

  1. Students wishing to participate in this program must study at the IITU, complete a two-year study program in business or IT-related specialties, and transfer to Inha University as third-year students at the Department of International Business and Trade or the Department of Integrated Systems Engineering of the Faculty of Research global convergence;
  2. IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 71 certificates or higher;
  3. GPA - minimum 3.0;
  4. Documents: transcript for the period of study at the IITU, certificate of admission to the IITU.
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