The "Double Degree" program is a unique opportunity for IITU students to receive a foreign diploma and invaluable learning experience in three leading universities in the world:


2) INHA UNIVERSITY - South Korea 2+2


4) Adam Mickiewicz University - Poland 2+2

Benefits of the program:

  • Studying at IITU and Inha University according to a collaborative curriculum development that meets Kazakhstani and world standards for training bachelors;
  • Students enrolled in the programs are subject to "double admission", that is, they are simultaneously enrolled in both partner universities;
  • Teachers are highly qualified Kazakhstani and foreign specialists;
  • Graduates of the programs receive two diplomas: a Kazakh diploma of higher education and a state diploma from a foreign partner university.

Purpose of the Program:

The aim of the program is to develop higher education and strengthen cultural exchange between the two countries through the joint development of talents with opportunities for internationalization and creativity.

📌Short description:

1) UNIVERSITI TENAGA NASIONAL - for 3rd year students of the specialties Financial Engineering and Financial Technologies.

What is 3+1?

3 years students study at IITU

1 year (4th year) students study at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Education in UNITEN is conducted only on a paid basis.

2) INHA UNIVERSITY - for students of the Department of Economics and Business.

2 years students study at IITU

2 years studying at INHA University.

Education at INHA UNIVERSITY is conducted only on a fee basis.

3) HOF UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES - for students of educational programs "Cybersecurity" and "Computer Engineering and Software".

3 years students study at IITU.

1 year study at the HOF University of Applied Sciences.

Education at the Hof University of Applied Sciences is free of charge.

List of required documents:

1) Application form

2) Transcript in English for the entire period of study (GPA min. 3.0)

3) A copy of the certificate of the level of language proficiency (IELTS 5.5 and above), or a confirmation certificate from your English teacher (language proficiency is min. Intermediate level)

4) Copy of passport

5) Recommendation letter

It is necessary to send documents to the mail of the International Department

For detailed information, contact the Department for International Affairs and Academic Mobility (803 office)

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