7M06106 Data Science

OP Description: Data Science is the science of techniques for analysing data and extracting valuable information, knowledge from it. It closely overlaps with such fields as Machine Learning (Machine Learning) and Cognitive Science (Cognitive Science and, of course, technologies for working with big data (Big Data). During the time of massive proliferation of technology, man has generated a huge amount of data. This is big data, Big Data. And it is possible to get a lot of benefit out of it if it is processed properly.

The academic degree awarded is Master's degree in the field of information and communication technologies in the educational programme "7M06106 - Data Science"

The aim of the educational programme "Data Science" is for master students to study machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.

The objectives of the educational programme "Data Science" are:

- Obtaining by master students a good training in databases.

- Mastering by master students of machine learning methods.

- Studying the basic methods of deep learning.

- Obtaining skills of working with neural networks.

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