Methodological support at the central level to improve language skills and improve academic performance of children in migration processes and support for children in need of Education replenishment programs

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Start date: October 1, 2023

End date: May 31, 2025

Project objectives:

  • Comment on levels B1.1 and B2 of the Russian language course using the Trello platform. Commenting on the English course is not required
  • To train (with subsequent monitoring) teachers in the development of lesson plans using the application "Akelius"
  • Develop a thematic calendar of 30 online and 36 offline sessions for schools.
  • Based on the "Akelius" training course for teachers, the developed methodological guidelines of the IITU, as well as eight guidelines for the implementation of the initiative (presented by the global team of "Akelius" in June 2023), to provide periodic training of school teachers in the project on topics such as: blended learning using the "Akelius" application, classroom management with mixed learning and with multi-level students, assessment of student performance. At the same time, each training should include a pre- and post-assessment of knowledge and a mini-analytical report with statistics, a video recording.
  • To develop an assessment form in order to understand the effectiveness of the use of the Akelius application and, accordingly, the academic performance of students.
  •  Conduct periodic (at the beginning and end of each academic year, 2023-2024 and 2024-2025) analysis of the progress of children and teachers in accordance with the developed assessment form (this item will greatly help in summarizing the results of Phase 2 in 2025).
  •  Interact with teachers to promptly identify and respond to difficulties in teaching and keeping records.
  • Starting from the middle of the second phase (from September 2024), to prepare recommendations for pedagogical universities and institutes of advanced training "Orleu" in order to teach students-future teachers the use of educational technologies in language teaching on the example of the experience of using the application "Akelius". To work out these recommendations with universities and partners and ensure their implementation in programs.
  • To hold a final conference for a wide range of participants with the presentation of quantitative and qualitative results of the project and a documenting report.

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