International Cooperation


Aim of the project:

Promote the implementation of the Bologna process instruments through the creation of a system of interaction between secondary vocational and higher education based on the principles of transparency and comparability of national and international educational standards, and teaching and learning methods.

KUTEL Agreement


Aim of the project:

The main goal of the KUTEL project is to promote the reform and modernization of higher education in Kazakhstan by introducing a national quality assurance system for technology-based learning, ensuring the improvement and implementation of accreditation standards, guidelines / procedures for quality assurance of technology-based courses and curricula at the national level.

This goal will be achieved through the following actions:

  1. Transfer of knowledge from the EU to the institutions of Kazakhstan.
  2. Access to quality assurance (QA) standards for all universities in Kazakhstan.
  3. Improving long-term collaboration between universities, accreditation centers, business and government in education for more meaningful integration and implementation of learning-enhancing technologies (TEL) and quality assurance systems for accreditation and recognition.

The specific goals are as follows:

  1. Modernize and reform teaching methods by introducing a quality assurance (QA) system in blended learning.
  2. Improve, develop and implement accreditation standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure the quality of study programs in accordance with the EU practice in Kazakhstani universities.
  3. Create a framework to improve the methodology for quality assurance of technology-based and e-learning courses at the university level in Kazakhstani universities.
  4. Provide education (training) for key actors of higher education institutions and government agencies responsible for accrediting or evaluating TEL programs.


Aim of the project:

The project aims to create opportunities for the training of highly professional specialists in the field of Intelligent Big Data Analysis (IBDA) with various interdisciplinary experience and provide access to highly effective modern IBDA tools based on EU experience and technologies that will contribute to the sustainable development of educational institutions, local businesses and society.

Academ mobility

Order on Academic Mobility

Agreements with foreign partners

Kutel Agreement

Allvet Agreement

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