6B06108 Data Science and Machine Learning Program description

Currently, there is an encreasing demand for data analysis and machine learning in many areas of human activity. In today's world, it has become the norm to make important political, administrative and business decisions based on the conclusions drawn from data analysis. These areas require broad knowledge of information technology. Due to the rapid development of computing power and creation of new algorithms and models, the requirements for scientists and engineers in these areas are constantly increasing. They need to be able to analyze, design, build and implement complex analysis and machine learning models for both scientific and industrial purposes. This educational program is designed to provide students with a systematic acquisition and development of all the types of skills and knowledge mentioned above.

During study, students will have such courses as:

- Computer Systems Architecture

- Object-oriented Programming

- System Programming

- Introduction to Computer Networks

- Programming in Python

- Operating Sysytems

- Basics of Information Security

- Introduction to Data Science

- Data Preparation and Analysis

- Non-relational Databases

- Machine Learning 1, 2

- Development of Applications for Databases

- Processing Audio and Text data

- Working with Big Data

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

- apply the knowledge of theoretical foundations of machine learning at a level sufficient to conduct research in the area;

- use the tools for analysis and data mining, analyze the exploration data;

- apply algorithms to solve practical problems, optimize the models obtained during training, and provide information about the expected efficiency from the application of training models;

- effectively use visualization and interpretation techniques to create dashboards and analytic reports;

- use cloud technologies to work with tools for processing large datasets and applications, and effectively use Big Data infrastructure;

With the help of the acquired knowledge and qualifications, graduates will be able to take the following leading positions at enterprises and organizations of the corresponding direction:

- Machine Learning Engineer

- Data Analyst

- Data Science Engineer

- Big Data Engineer

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