Digital transformation of IITU

Digital university is a model of the university where IT architecture and services ensure the operation of business processes based on the principle of a student-oriented approach.


Digital architecture- structural description of the hardware and software used to operate the business processes of the digital university.


Digital services - university management information systems and online support services for the educational process.


Digital profile - a space where people with certain competences, knowledge and needs create their processes.


Digital footprint of the university-an array of data on the results of educational and project activities of a participant in the process.

Project management methodology

Center for digital transformation of higher education (Transformers)

  • Defines the Current state
  • Develops the Target state

Project office

  • Changes business processes from the current state to the target state
  • Implements the transition from the current state to the target state

IT development group

  • Develops a digital platform and services to support the operation of Target state processes
Indicators and focus on the goals of the project Digit
Main drivers for digital transformation projects of IITU
Organization of Digital transformation project management
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