IITU Innovation Center (IC)

The IITU Innovation Center helps students develop their entrepreneurial skills and provides support to the students’ start-up projects throughout their implementation from an idea to a prototype.

The goal is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University by providing practical support to ambitious students to help them achieve commercial success.

Startup projects of the Center:

Tazalyk - an application that allows you to establish communication between producers and garbage recyclers. Tazalyk solution: all the garbage collection points are marked on the map; there is an opportunity to earn bonuses by delivering garbage to the recycling collection points and exchange such bonuses for valuable prizes and services.

GLUCOMED  - a mobile application for monitoring blood sugar levels. Its functionality includes: blood sugar measurement, a self-monitoring diary, determination of the products’ carbohydrate value base, insulin bolus calculation, structured data export.

Ui januarlary - a book which will allow children to learn more about their pets using an AR-based mobile application. Sound accompaniment and visual effects will help children to develop memory and associative perception of animal-related information much faster. The book is compiled in three languages: Kazakh (Latin), Russian and English.

Boshon - educational courses in robotics for schoolchildren and students within the framework of the project "The Boshon School of Robotics, IITU IT School".

OkuPlus – an online educational platform for training in IT professions.

Baursak - a mobile game for children for teaching children the Kazakh language.

Jaqsy - a charity cashback service for helping the needy people and donating to charitable foundations.

The consumer buys a product, and the cashback goes to the accounts of people in need or of charitable foundations.

The IC services:

  • Training, mentoring and consultation.
  • 24/7 coworking office, access to the laboratory, meeting rooms, high speed Internet
  • Liaising between innovators and manufacturers, distributors, other developers.
  • Research, analysis, legal and accounting support
  • Assistance in fundraising, obtaining grants for the development of a startup or business.

The IC Laboratory activities:

-development and support of application software;

- applied research and development;

- mentoring, conducting master classes on technology, business and effective communication;

-organization and holding of information technology competitions and hackathons;

- preparation of teams for hackathons and competitions of the republican and international level;

- accounting and legal support;

- advice and assistance in implementing the best practices in the IT-related fields.

Myrzabayeva Zhaina, specialist, +77011241822


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