Festival of innovative ideas

HackDay is a teamwork event where the participants implement an interesting project from an idea to a prototype in a powerful creative environment within two days. The participants can form a team of their own or join another one.

Hackday history: The HackDay Format was launched by Yahoo! in 2005, to implement its employees’ creative ideas, and to present the resulting prototypes to the top Manager. From that time on the Yahoo Hack Day has become a regular event arranged by the company for developers in different countries of the world to demonstrate their achievements and attract talents.

Every year, more than 3,000 young people participate in the HackDay to solve problems and cases from leading national companies. The event also hosts master classes held for the participants by top domestic and foreign speakers.

Main sections of the Hackathon:

- Information technology;

- Mobile applications;

- Movies and videos;

- Content and media;

- Design and animation.

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