OSIT is an organization founded with the aim of creating a close community of Information Technology students, here students can interact, develop their Hard and Soft skills and inspire each other by contributing to actions for their dreams. We actively support students in their endeavors, regardless of their character – the main thing is that their eyes burn with the desire to finish what they started.

Currently, OSIT is successfully operating at IITU and KBTU universities, and we have ambitions to expand our activities to other universities in Almaty.


Create an extensive community of students where everyone can overcome barriers in their head and change their outlook on life by stimulating self-development through interaction with like-minded people.


The main focus of OSIT is on the mentoring program aimed at the successful adaptation of first-year students in the university environment. However, our initiatives are not limited to mentors only. We have a diverse structure that includes Event Managers who conduct various events on behalf of the organization to promote the development of student life. We are open to all ideas and suggestions, even if you are not part of our organization, but you have an idea that you have always wanted to implement - we are always ready to help in the organization, the main thing is that you are able to take up your idea.


The OSIT organization was founded on September 8, 2023 by a 2nd-year student – Akylbek Shalabayev. At the moment, 63 students participate in the organization.


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