NIC stands for No Internet Connection. Our club opened in 2022, despite the fact that we are a young organization, we are very promising. By joining our club, you will get: new acquaintances, a family of like-minded people, get out of your comfort zone, participate in organizing various events, and also gain skills in the field of commercial development.

The NIC Club was founded on November 30, 2022 by Nariman Onlanov, who was burning with the idea of giving students professional work skills and a bright, rich student life. Our club is a close-knit community of bright, interesting and burning ideas of people united by the desire to develop, challenge themselves, make their student life unforgettable and acquire skills like hard skills and soft skills.

What are many graduates of a higher educational institution missing? This is a work experience! As previously mentioned, NIC will give you skills as well as commercial development experience, which will allow you to create your portfolio. Which is needed both for self-employment and for work in the company. So, the main task of the NIC club is to give participants real work experience, namely to solve real problems, to teach them to communicate with clients at all these stages of work. Since this path is often scary to walk alone, you will be surrounded by like-minded people and mentors who will always be happy to help and support you in your endeavors.

But we don't forget about student life! We hold fairs, bright events, interesting conferences where you can participate and get a lot of interesting memories for yourself!

You can watch the life of the club in our social networks:

Instagram: it_nic_1130


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