Date of formation: March 28, 2017

The mission of the student organization: Creating a space for enthusiasts of Japanese animation and geek culture, so that students can openly communicate with like-minded people, discussing their interests.

Description of the student organization:

Anime and Geek Club at the university is designed to gather students with a common interest in anime and other types of geek culture. The club organizes activities in which participants can show their creative skills in voicing, drawing, photoshop and editing, which also contributes to their development in these areas. In addition, club members spend time together, communicate and share their interests, which helps them find new friends and find support in those who understand and share their interests. All this takes place in a pleasant company and atmosphere, which makes the club an attractive place to spend free time at the university. The members of the club provide a pleasant pastime not only for themselves, but also hold anime festivals for students, where they can escape from the daily routine.

Instagram: @anteiku_iitu

TikTok: @anteiku.iitu


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