League of Volunteers

The mission of the student organization is to make the world, people a little kinder through physical labor. Contribute to the improvement of the environment, help those in need, support and help the younger and older generation. Also create a family consisting of kind, open, sociable students to give them an unforgettable student life and vivid emotions. Development and popularization of the volunteer movement in Kazakhstan, creation of equal opportunities for self-realization and growth of the inner potential of the individual, satisfaction of the social needs of all people through volunteers.

Description of the student organization:

The League of Volunteers at IITU is one of the branches of the League of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The age of the organization's members is from 14 to 60+

We believe that everyone can become a volunteer. The "League of Volunteers of Kazakhstan" consists of thousands of volunteers of different ages, all of them have a common feature - indifference to others, which brought them all closer. During this time, the League has become a kind of "home" for these people, and this is a family that has united so many different people for one common cause.

In addition to young people, volunteers actively take care of the older generation. Our volunteers do not miss the opportunity to help grandparents with food baskets, cleaning the house or a sincere conversation, which is sometimes so lacking for elderly people. One of such projects is our memorandum with the Veterans Council, weekly assistance to veterans (delivery of food, medicines, household help and warm communication with the elderly).

Our volunteers pay a lot of attention to the problem of ecology; they often hold eco-clean-ups in tourist places, green parks and squares and actively advocate for sorting and recycling of garbage.

"A healthy people is a healthy country" is the motto of our volunteers who, together with the police, are fighting against the spread of drugs.They paint over the advertising of narcotic drugs and their analogues, thereby saving their own and the common future of the country.

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