"IITU DEBATE CLUB" is a debate club of the IT University, which opened in 2011. During its existence, DC MUIT has achieved a lot: Finalists of such competitions as "BETA TOURNAMENT 2019", "SIRIUS CUP 2019", "KAZNU PARTY CUP 2019", "AITYSH CUP 2018" and winners of "NIS CUP 2019", "U5 CUP", "TURAN College City Tournament", "SIRIUS CUP lV 2021" and others. By joining the debate club, you will get: new acquaintances, confidence on stage, oratorical skills and much more!


The IITU Debate Club was founded on November 6, 2011 by Kuralai Abylgazina, beautifying student life and achieving great success at tournaments. This is a close-knit community of active, interesting and inquisitive people united by the desire to develop, broaden their horizons and acquire soft-skills.

What will the Debate Club give you?

First of all, our club is a student association striving to develop oratory and leadership qualities of students in the format of an intellectual game. We organize and participate in various tournaments, both city, state and international scale, to which debaters from different universities, cities and countries come.

Debates teach the ability to defend one's opinion in a reasoned manner and speak in front of the public. Here they develop not only oratory, but also critical thinking skills. You will understand that you can solve the problem in a variety of ways, because you will improve your analytical skills and learn how to consider a variety of scenarios.

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