Students Government

SG - Students Government, or Student Government. This is the very team of our university, which is responsible for organizing the largest events of our university. These include such events as Open Air, Commencement (otherwise - dedication), Ice Party, Golden Middle, Miss IITU, Nauryz. Over the years of the organization's existence, its members have surprised with their cohesion, creativity, resourcefulness and flexibility. It is for these qualities that we nicknamed ourselves "family", which even became our peculiar slogan "SG - family". With us, you will feel not only warmth and support, but also plunge into the most interesting process of organizing the largest IT university events. You will also be able to show yourself, not only as a student with a developed imagination and a bunch of plans in the Ministry of Culture, where the guys are real generators of innovative ideas, but also as an intelligent SMM manager or designer in our Ministry of PR.

Описание картинки

Here, members of a large team show our work via Instagram and tick-tock, conduct high-quality filming of each event and turn it into a digital candy to sanctify our work on social networks. If you want something more dynamic, then try yourself in the Ministry of Sports with the most responsible and strong people of the organization responsible for order and security at events.

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