GAMES IITU is an organization that holds regular tournaments in various disciplines and represents the face of the International IT University in esports. We held tournaments among different universities in the disciplines CS:GO, Valor and, Rainbow six siege. They also regularly conduct a role-playing game "Mafia" among university students.

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The Games IITU organization was established on August 26, 2021. The founder of the organization is a 2nd year student Kosaly Fariza.

The organization is aimed at the development of esports and other types of games at the International University of Information Technology.

They develop the thinking of young gamers by supporting them in this matter, because student life is not limited only to reality. Gambling students playing on behalf of the university should feel comfort and support from the university.


Leader of the organization: Rashid Harutyunyan

Deputy Leader: nazarbekuly Bauyrzhan

Founder of the organization: Kosaly Fariza

Media & Marketing: Kuat Dusen, Imran Aliyev

Development & Cybersport: Zeynebek Marlene, Rakhmanov Nauryz, Gabdykalikov Adlet, Doszhanuly Elnur

Mafia: Isaabekov Ilyas, Saybosyn Izim

INSTAGRAM: games_iitu

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