The BOSTAN organization was established in early August 2021. In its origins, the organization functioned as a "Committee for the support of Youth Initiatives at the MRC of the Bostandyk district," but later activists wanted to get out from under the Wing of the MRC and privatize the organization.

Thus, the organization begins to function under the name "BOSTAN", which symbolizes complete freedom in actions and ideas. The separation from the MRC really breathed new life into the organization, and on November 6, BOSTAN begins a new era in its life. Having become the official organization of the university, BOSTAN conducted a thorough analysis of the student life of IITU and decided to immediately start reanimating interest. And the first project after the disconnection was a volleyball tournament, which covered about 100 volleyball players of the university. And on the same wave, the organization began to try more and more areas and organized a number of tournaments in basketball, football and esports, in particular CS:GO and DOTA 2.

But time does not stand still, like the organization, it began to expand very quickly, covering more and more. You can find more information about the organization's projects in the organization's Instagram account:bostan_iitu

Divisions of the organization:


  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Ping-pong
  • Chess
  • Fashion
  • SMM Department
  • Studex
  • Merci
  • Ecology
  • Debates
  • Film Club



Also, we do not forget to thank the members who have made a huge contribution to the development of the organization

Akhmedzhanov Iskander – esports organizer

Kozhakhmet Layla – HR Manager

Alishayeva Botakoz – significant contribution to SMM

Aliev Ali – Basketball Organizing

Zhanuzak Kuanysh - founder of the organization

Karabayev Ernar Askaruly is the current leader of the organization

Our slogan is: While others are talking, we are doing!

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