ÁUEN is a music organization in MUIT that has been operating for the sixth year. It was created in 2016 on October 30th under the name Music Club. But, in 2021, there was a rebranding and they came to the current name of euen.


At the moment, the organization consists of 45 people

The current president of the organization is a 4th year student - Tokan Ulpan

Deputy President 3rd year student - Hassein Aruzhan

Active participants of the organization:

Twin sisters - Ainur and Aizhan Fayzullayev


  • Sherkhan Karimov
  • Tair Kagarmanov


  • Taybosunov Yerasyl
  • Bijan Danai
  • Shayakhmet Adilmurat

Vocalists and instrumentalists in one person:

  • Marlene Amir
  • Aitzhanov Madiyar
  • Salimbayev Alamgir


  • Abylkasimova Anel
  • Bazarbai Aigagyi
  • Aiganym Bazarbayeva


Every year, AUEN holds many significant events at the university and outside the university, such as:

  1. Welcome IITU is a special event for first-year students that is held at the beginning of the academic year in order to show our newly minted students what student life is like at the university.

2. Take an active part and perform in such events as dedication, Grand Ball, Nauryz and other events held by the university.

3. Auen Birthday - the birthday of the organization.

4. Open Air - thematically a concert where AUEN and invited guests perform. It is usually held in the warm season with the onset of spring. The event takes place outdoors at the university.

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