IITU switched to distance learning technology from March 16, 2020

Dear users of our site, students, teachers and partners!

The International Information Technology University switched to distance learning technology from March 16, 2020. All distance learning educational materials are available on the university's educational portal dl.iitu.kz and the main online learning tool is Microsoft Teams office.com. Password and logins are the same in all systems.

The educational portal on Moodle platform has instructions for Microsoft Office 365 (Teams). Links to the instructions: Microsoft Teams, YOUTUBE and Moodle for both students and teachers.

The schedule of webinars corresponds to the schedule of classes for students and teachers, which are available linking to schedule.iitu.kz. University controllers check the university’s online classes, teachers daily provide information on the presence of students in classes in the approved form, which is then compared with data from information systems that are provided by IT service specialists the next day. Changes have been made to the Academic policy regarding recognition of attending classes through online logging and recognition of e-mail (preferably corporate), platforms as a means of communication between students and teachers.

An online survey is conducted among students and teachers on the use of remote technologies dl.iitu.kz/discuss and on the availability of the Internet, a computer and a camera dl.iitu.kz/forum

The university has 2 communication channels for Internet access. 256 MGB/sec from Kazakhtelecom and 250 MGB/sec from Kaztranscom. All logins and passwords of all students and teachers are synchronized both in Moodle and Microsoft Office 365 (Teams).

You can also get information about distance learning of the university in our social networks: Facebook, Instagram.

The University posted on its website an announcement by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan about open free educational resources Resources, as well as its current courses on Coursera.

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