Trust Box

The student can ask for help in solving the problem from any employee of the University or to the head of the department where the problem has arisen (for example, deans of faculties, Registrar's office, library, etc.)

All student complaints must be submitted in writing (paper or electronic). Contact us by phone (Faculty Dean's Office Contacts are on the university's website )

Put the (anonymous) complaint on paper in the boxes of trust "Senim", located in the buildings of the university (The main building Manas Street 34/1 , as well as the building "Baizak", Abay Avenue 52g)

Write an (anonymous) complaint to the email address: Dean's Office of the faculty of CTCS Dean's office of the

Official complaints are considered at the discretion of the university management at the next meeting of the Committee on Academic Affairs and Disciplinary Control.

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