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ENDOWMENT is donations for the development of the university, education, science and public welfare of our country
The ENDOWMENT includes hundreds of charitable donations, many of which have been donated to support certain aspects of the IITU's teaching and research work. Together, these contributions form a permanent source of funding that connects scientists and students from a wide range of backgrounds with opportunities now and in the future.
IITU is one of the leaders in the IT field among higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The fundamental principles of the University are meritocracy and academic integrity, providing world-class higher education in Kazakhstan at affordable prices. Currently, more than 7,000 students from all regions of Kazakhstan and from different social backgrounds study at MUIT. About 90% of IITU students study for free.
ENDOWMENT supports almost all aspects of the university's activities. The two largest categories of funds cover the salaries of teachers, including professorships, as well as financial assistance to students, scholarships for graduate students, as well as student life and activities. There is also a need to support academic programs, libraries, facilities, student communities and a wide range of other activities for the continuous development of the university.
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