8D06102 - Computer and software engineering

Program description

The doctoral level educational program “Computer and Software Engineering” is aimed at training researchers in computer and software engineering, managers in the field of software development, highly qualified developers of software and information systems and architects of software systems for the country's IT industry.

During the period of study postgraduate students will master such courses as:

- Fundamentals of distributed intellectual systems

- Theory and models of the high-performance computer systems

- Blockchain theory and technology

- Algorithmic fundamentals of intelligent systems

- Big Data technologies and big systems

- Distributed Database Systems

By the end of the training, postgraduate students will have the following skills of:

- formulizing and solving problems arising in the course of research activities

- developing software architecture with a high level of continuity and quality of complex software

- improving software products to increase their competitiveness and efficiency at all stages of the life cycle

- analyzing to solve complex software (technical) problems and implement the most optimal solutions

- development and evaluation of algorithms and models for various software and / or hardware computing environments

- analyzing the behavior and reaction of the computing environment

With the help of acquired knowledge and qualifications, graduates will be able to occupy the following leading positions in enterprises and organizations of the corresponding field:

- Researcher at a research institute

- University teacher

- Software development team leader

- Software development project manager

- Software architect

- Lead data analyst

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