6B06202 Radio information transmission systems
Goal of the Program

The goal of the educational program "Radio Engineering Information Transmission Systems" is to train highly qualified specialists for innovative and science-intensive sectors of the economy in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, possessing theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities that meet the needs of the domestic and world intellectual labor markets, capable to quickly adapt to the rapid changes in socio-economic conditions.

Educational program and Catalog of elective courses 2020

Catalog of elective courses 2019

Catalog of elective courses 2018

Leading positions

  • Production, implementation and operation of radio electronic means and systems for various purposes;
  • Installation, configuration, adjustment and testing of radio electronic equipment;
  • Testing, maintenance and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of radio electronic means and systems for various purposes;
  • Development and design of radio electronic systems for various purposes;
  • Development of structural and functional diagrams of radio-electronic systems and complexes, schematic diagrams of devices using computer-aided design tools;
  • Preparation of design and technical documentation, including operating instructions, test programs and technical specifications;
  • Operation of satellite systems;
  • Design of satellite information transmission systems.
Core competences

To be able to design, develop and maintain devices and systems for electromagnetic waves transmission, receiving and information processing, obtaining information about the environment, natural and technical objects, as well as for influencing natural or technical objects in order to change their properties.

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