6B06111 Financial Mathematics
The structure of the educational program
  • adequate wording of the problem;
  • development of optimization methods and control algorithms;
  • creation of mathematical and economic models of economic processes;
  • research activities in areas using methods of mathematics and system programming;
  • application of modern mathematical methods and software for solving problems;
  • development of programs in the language of R, Java, C ++.
Specialized disciplines
  • Data Science: Introduction
  • Machine learning
  • Modeling financial problems
  • Introduction to finance
  • Bayesian statistics and analysis
  • Operational research (linear tasks)
  • SAP Business Process Integration
  • Derivative financial instruments
  • List of combinatory analysis
  • Actuarial Mathematics 1.2
Basic competency
  • making informed decisions and assessing their consequences;
  • clarification of ideas about the future in accordance with the proposed activities of the company as a whole or assessment of the consequences of decisions made, ie economic forecasting;
  • methods to solve problems that arise in complex cases and accompanying all the activities of a manager of any level, i.e economic modeling.
Leading position
  • Financial analyst;
  • Risk manager;
  • Developer and analyst in the IT departments of banks;
  • Actuary;
  • Insurance manager;
  • Business analyst (in banks)
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