6B06109 Network and system administration

Program description

The educational program «Network and System Administration» is aimed at training qualified specialists in the field of network technologies and administration of systems and networks, possessing the necessary knowledge to carry out work on designing the network infrastructure and organizing network and system administration, having the necessary practical skills in the field of management, configuration and maintenance of network and system services.

During the period of study students will master such courses as:

- Architecture and organization of computer systems

- Object-oriented programming

- System level programming

- Programming in Python

- Operating systems

- Fundamentals of information security

- Introduction to robotics

- Project management

- Introduction to computer networks

- Design and simulation of electronic devices

- Switching, routing, and wireless essentials

- Enterprise networking, security, and automation

- Network programming

- Cloud computing and virtualization

- Administration of systems

By the end of the training, students will have the following skills of:

- using modern information and communication technology in professional activities

- implementing the basic network communication between devices, configuring and reconfiguring network devices

- designing and implementation of the enterprise IT infrastructure components

- designing protocols for the interaction of components of distributed systems

- administrating local and remote network resources

- applying data protection technologies in computer systems and networks

With the help of acquired knowledge and qualifications, graduates will be able to occupy the following leading positions in enterprises and organizations of the corresponding field:

- System administrator

- System architect

- Network administrator

- Network engineer

- Technical support specialist

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