6B06107 Cyberphysical systems

Program description

The educational program «Cyberphysical Systems» trains specialists in the field of robotics. Cyberphysical systems with adaptive and intelligent robots need microprocessor-based distributed control. Therefore, the training of specialists of this level requires a systematic approach and affects the development of this subject area. This profession requires artificial intelligence knowledge from a specialist and includes: creating and ensuring the functioning of devices and systems based on the use of information processing, the ability to solve problems of developing and maintaining software products, research and development of robotic technologies, creating models of robotic systems, the ability to create smart systems of receiving information on technical objects, modeling and prototyping of robots.

During the period of study students will master such courses as:

- Architecture and organization of computer systems

- Object-oriented programming

- System level programming

- Introduction to computer networks

- Programming in Python

- Operating systems

- Fundamentals of information security

- Introduction to robotics

- Project management

- AR/VR technologies

- Design and simulation of electronic devices

- Fundamentals of logic design

- Sensor technologies

- Applied robotics

- Artificial intelligence in robotics

By the end of the training, students will have the following skills of:

- using modern information and communication technology in professional activities

- formulizing the subject area of the project and the preparation of technical specifications for the development of robotic systems

- developing and integrating modules and software components

- supporting the software for robotic systems management

- developing and implementing intelligent algorithms for robotic systems

- developing, modeling, programming and reprogramming robots according to the technical task

With the help of acquired knowledge and qualifications, graduates will be able to occupy the following leading positions in enterprises and organizations of the corresponding field:

- Engineer for automated control systems

- Software development engineer

- Internet of Things development engineer

- System analyst

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