6B06101 Computer science
The structure of the educational program

Training a specialist for this experimental program involves the formation of certain professional competencies, including knowledge and skills in designing and evaluating algorithms and application programming interfaces; development and analysis of interacting processes in information environments; development, operation and maintenance of software systems for computers, computer networks and communications; identifying new areas of application of computer systems and designing software for them, etc.

Major subjects
  • Languages ​​and programming technologies
  • Compiler 1/2 development
  • Programming with PL / SQL
  • Data Science and Machine Learning 1/2/3
  • SAS Programming 1
  • The Data Science of Health Informatics 1/2
  • Data Mining 1/2
  • Functional programming in Scala 1/2
Basic competency

Demonstrate excellence in computer science in the following areas of knowledge:

  • Algorithms, data structures and complexity
  • Programming languages ​​and compilers
  • Software development and development
  • Computer equipment and architecture
  • Application of modern machine learning methods, data analysis. Data management training
  • Database Design
  • Ability to search, store, process and analyze information from various sources, present it in the required format using information and computer technologies
  • Creating software solutions using machine learning technologies
  • Development of mobile and web applications
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a computer or mathematical system, process, or program to meet desired needs within real world conditions.
  • Development of computer games and multimedia applications
Leading position
  • Specialist in software development;
  • Specialist in information technology of telecommunication systems;
  • Specialist in computer design and web application development;
  • Specialist in the development and promotion of mobile applications;
  • Specialist in the processing, analysis and storage of large amounts of data, the so-called "Big Data" (Data Scientist);
  • Machine Learning Specialist
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