6B04102 E-business
Program description

The e-business educational program combines an understanding of key business concepts, entrepreneurial skills, and knowledge of e-business solutions and strategies to provide an ideal foundation for business entrepreneurs. The curriculum includes the development of business startups, planning and Internet marketing solutions, and provides the skills, knowledge and relevant key qualifications needed to harness the potential of the Internet for industry and place them in a competitive position at the global level. This degree provides theoretical foundations and technological skills for developing a web application, strategic planning, designing and developing products and services through market analysis, logistics, creating business models on the Internet, economic analysis of e-business projects, and much more in a rapidly changing market conditions of the internet business.

  • Online payment systems;
  • Basics of web development;
  • Social media and digital marketing;
  • International Business;
  • Strategic management and leadership;
  • E-commerce management for business;
  • content marketing strategy;
  • Logistics;
  • Information law;
  • Big data, analytics and visualization;
  • Corporate finance;
  • Project management;
  • Introduction to consumer neurology and neuromarketing;
  • Design of user experience (UX) and interfaces (UI);
  • Personnel Management;
  • knowledge of the methodology and design and analytical skills in developing a strategy and in determining the effectiveness and optimization of commercial activities;
  • communication skills, mobility and business communication skills;
  • knowledge of project management methods and readiness for their implementation with using modern software;
  • the ability to find and evaluate new market opportunities and formulate a business idea working in the e-commerce market;
  • solving managerial tasks related to operations in world markets in the context of globalization;
  • positioning an electronic enterprise in the global market;
  • forming a consumer audience and interacting with consumers; organizing sales on the Internet;
  • conducting market research to assess the market, creating competitive products, services and works;
  • ability to work with databases and use methods for forecasting market trends;
  • various methods of financial calculations in the field of corporate finance.
Leading position
  • Consultant on the implementation of IT-technologies in business;
  • Web-developer, Web-administrator and Web-designer;
  • Content Manager, Digital Marketing Consultant,
  • Product Marketing Manager;
  • Information Security Manager;
  • Senior customer service representative;
  • Entrepreneur confidently running his own business;
  • Head of information technology projects;
  • Business analyst in IT companies, consulting companies, financial institutions, industrial enterprises and other sectors of the economy.
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