The Department of academic affairs is the leading structural unit of the University in the system of management and coordination of the educational process.

The Department of academic affairs reports to the Vice-Rector for academic and educational activities. It performs tasks on planning and organization of the educational process, development of regulatory documentation on educational and methodological work, diagnostics of the educational process and analysis of the quality of specialist training.

The structure of the Department of academic affairs includes two departments:

  • Registrar's office
  • Methodical department

The functions of the Department:

  • Current and long-term planning, coordination and monitoring of implementation of methodological and scientific work.
  • Discussion and submission of proposals for improving project of normative legal documents related to the issues of methodological support of the University.
  • Organization of the development of textbooks, teaching aids, including on electronic media, didactic materials and catalogs of elective disciplines (CED).
  • Examination, review, adjustments and approval of the teaching load distribution of the teaching staff (hereinafter – TS), reports on actually performed workload of the teaching staff.
  • Organization and monitoring of the quality of education and development of recommendations for improving the quality of the educational process at the University.
  • Development of regulations, methodological guidelines that regulate the educational and methodological support of the educational process at the University.
  • Preparation of established planning and reporting documentation for methodological work.
  • Consideration of the implementation of various forms of methodological work aimed at improving the educational process and providing practical assistance to teachers.
  • Coordination and control of the departments' work to develop and maintain up-to-date educational and methodological complex of disciplines, educational and methodological complex of specialty/academic programs, syllabi.
  • Educational process organization.
  • Student population accounting, its movement, monthly statistics.
  • Preparation of responses to various internal and external queries for the student population.
  • Preparation and approval of orders of movement for students.
  • Monitoring student performance.
  • Scheduling of classes and examination sessions for bachelor students (full-time and part-time).
  • Providing information on busy rooms, distribution of the classroom fund for conducting lessons, exams, office hours and adviser hours.
  • Constant participation in the development and analysis of academic regulations and procedures.
  • Preparation and submission of statistical reports in the form F-3NK, 1NK.
  • Preparation, verification and registration of students who have lost the state educational grant to transfer their certificate to the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan for further distribution to vacant places.
  • Organization and conduct of work on the transfer of students on state educational grants, depending on the vacant position at the end of the examination session.
  • Receiving, storing, issuing and returning documents of students ' personal files.
  • Organization of issuing duplicate diplomas and academic certificates.
  • Sending students ' personal files on requests from other educational organizations.
  • The organization and carrying out of External evaluation of educational achievements of students.
  • Organizing and conducting a summer semester for students.
  • Registration and issuance of diplomas with transcripts and Diploma Supplement to graduates.
  • Preparing and conducting the transfer of personal files of graduate students who were transferred to the departmental archive of the University.
  • Preparation of materials for accreditation and rating determination.
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