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Dear friends! I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the International University of Information Technologies - the leading IT University in our republic, opened at the initiative of the First President of the country N. Nazarbayev!

The International University of Information Technologies (IITU) is a modern “digital format” university, determined to advance digital technologies, innovative training courses, and broad international relations. The University teachers, doctors, candidates of sciences and PhDs, practitioners with extensive experience, are people of different generations combining expertise experience and maturity of the older generation with creativity, dynamism and enthusiasm of the younger generation.

In the era of digital technology and innovation, the university is training a new generation of specialists with a progressive worldview, universal human and professional competencies. IITU is a national university that trains IT specialists in the following areas of high demand on the labor market: Information and Communication Technology, Information Security, Telecommunications, Journalism and Information, Business and Management and teacher training in science subjects.

Being an IITU student is an honor and responsibility. Our university opens up great prospects for each applicant. IITU students study specially designed educational programs, are involved in scientific research under the guidance of experienced scientists and teachers, participate in various start-up projects and implement them in real life.

According to the ratings based on the surveys of employers, IITU is one of the three leading IT universities in Kazakhstan. The IITU graduates are distinguished by a high level of professional training, a non-standard approach to solving problems, which makes them competitive in the labor market. They work for the major international IT companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., as well as for governmental agencies, commercial enterprises, multinational companies, educational and research institutions.

The University creates all conditions conducive to not only to professional training, but also to the harmonious development of the individual. A vibrant student life, full of exciting events, scientific discoveries and interesting new acquaintances awaits you at our university! Get on the road to your success with IITU! We are open to ambitious, competent, creative and courageous young people who, after graduating from our university, will become the intellectual elite of Kazakhstan!


Rector of IITU JSC,

Doctor of Technical Sciences

Uskenbaeva Raissa Kabievna

1. Is it possible for students to transfer from another university to your university after the first semester and retain their scholarship?

In accordance with order of the RK Minister of Education and Science dated October 30, 2018 No. 595 “On Approval of the Model Rules for the Activities of Educational Organizations by their types” and the earlier dated order of April 20, 2011. No. 152 “On Approval of the Rules of the Educational Processes Organizations for implementing the credit-based technologies» the student has the right to transfer to another university with retaining the state educational grant with the consent of the head of the university in which he has previously studied, subject to the completion of the academic period.

Do you have a list of student organizations of our university?

IITU pays special attention to the development of the students’ personal qualities, leadership skills and creative abilities. And the students themselves make sure that their life at the university is bright and unforgettable. Active and the most talented students conduct various events on their own, undertake projects that cause admiration and surprise. Therefore, every day at the University is a holiday.

The following student organizations function at IITU:

  1. Student Government (JV) - “IITU Students Government” - a student body, without which it is impossible to imagine any major IT university event.

They are called "SPshniki", "SGshniki", "Party People" and so on. The coolest events organized by our Student Government include but are not limited to Teambuilding, Initiation, Ice Party, IITU Grand Ball, Golden Middle, Miss IITU, Nauryz and others.

  1. Ministry of Culture (MC) - responsible for organizing various cultural events within the university for students and guests.
  2. Ministry of PR (МPR) - responsible for career guidance, promotion, organization of the "Open Day", etc.
  3. Security Service (SB) - responsible for the internal affairs of students, for their athletic and active life.
  4. “UNION” - an organization that engages in charity. Few people know, but members of the Union club work a lot and help all people in need, regardless of their age: give a smile to those who have not felt joy and warmth for a long time; help the adult generation keep up to date; support orphans and the disabled; organize concerts in support of children - all of this is “Union”
  5. “IT Legion” - the IT University futsal, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess and togyz kumalak IT team. Any team needs the support of fans. And who, if not activists, would support their team?

The fan club "IT LEGION" supports our teams at each sports tournament.

  1. “IITU ShadowS” - IT University’s dance club, which lightens up every event. Without them, it is impossible to imagine any of our events! The guys perform not only inside, but also outside the university (one of such exits from the comfort zone was the U-5 contest under the Youthquake.KZ project). According to the IITU Choice Awards 2019, “ShadowS” is the IITU club of the year!
  2. “IITU DEBATE CLUB” - a debate club of the university, which has achieved a lot over the years of its existence: its members were the finalists of such competitions as “BETA TOURNAMENT 2019”, “SIRIUS CUP 2019”, “KAZNU PARTY CUP 2019”, “AYTYSH CUP 2018” and winners of "NIS CUP 2019", "CUP U5", "City College Tournament TURAN" and others.
  3. “ENACTUS IITU” - a team of students who develop various business projects. The guys launch their own projects aimed at improving the level and quality of life of people.

They also take part in many forums and festivals: "Enactus Qazaqstan Next Generation Leaders Forum", "Enactus Kazakhstan National Expo 2019", "Enactus Summer Camp 2019", and others!

  1. “IITU Family” - a volunteer organization. Have you ever wanted to become a volunteer? The recently opened IITU FAMILY team is what you are looking for! Since its opening, these guys have become indispensable university assistants, in organizing all major events of the city or republican scale, HackDay Creative Ideas Festival, National Futsal Student League, Futsal World Cup, to name but a few of them.
  2. "ANTEIKU" - an anime club of the IT University, which often hosts public screenings of Japanese animated films on a big screen. And recently, they organized various creative and cultural fairs and master classes.
  3. “Radio IT FM” - an IT university student organization that conducts radio programs, organizes meetings with famous presenters, holds events, and shares its cool mood. Now IT FM works in three areas:

Radio: morning broadcasts with news, listeners' messages, horoscope and practical jokes, announcement of upcoming university events.

SMM: PR of one of the listeners in the morning post, publishing interesting news from the world of show business and more! Active PR in promotion of IITU student life on social networks.

TV: interviews with leaders of student organizations, video reports from events. Plans to make a series of videoclips about our university.

"Cinema club" - a creative organization IUIT, created with the aim of uniting all lovers of this art.

  1. “Theater IT” - a theater club, organizing are poetic evenings, performance of scenes from films or literature.

The theater club is the place where you can demonstrate your creativity on stage, share your feelings with the audience and just have a good time.

  1. Ray's Sup Team is an unofficial but cool IT university organization that creates a discussion platform for students. They also shoot creative video reports on university activities.
  2. “Light Studio” - a team of talented guys creating high-quality media content who have come together to share ideas, experience and promote their creations.
Is there a military department in IITU?

In 2018, in accordance with the Order of the RK Minister of Defense the university opened its military department specializing in training of cybersecurity specialists.

At the moment, the Military Department carries out military training of students, on the basis of higher education received at the university, according to the training program for reserve officers in three military specialties:

  • combat use of combined arms units, units and formations;
  • combat use of units and parts of unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • cybersecurity.

The University also has a Cybersecurity Competency Center.

Is there correspondence / evening / distance education at IITU?

In Kazakhstan, a decision was made on January 1, 2019 to cancel the correspondence courses. The changes will not affect those who entered the university correspondence department before 2018 inclusive. They will be given an opportunity to complete their studies according to the previous scheme.

The International University of Information Technologies does not enroll students under correspondence, evening education programs.

In the educational process the university uses the MOODLE system, which allows to administer distance learning (to conduct classes and accept assignments online). The official form of DOT is designed for students of postgraduate education (master's degree, doctoral studies).

Are the IITU cadets guaranteed employment after graduation?

The employability of graduate students is 94%, the remaining 6% are self-employed, that is, people not interested in official employment, and therefore, we can say that employment is not 100% guaranteed, but it is obligatory to provide employment for students who apply to the Career Center.

What documents are required for admission to the university?

Original of the degree certificate or diploma

Certificate on completion of secondary education (ORIGINAL)

Eight passport style photographs (size 3x4)

The medical certificate form 086-У with chest X-ray not later than March of the current year (ORIGINAL)

COPIES of Identity card (2 pcs.)

A copy of the vaccination card (form 063, or a child’s health passport)

COPY of the military registration certificate (for boys)

COPIES of academic certificates and diplomas (over the past three years in core disciplines)

* A valid English language certificate (IELTS 5.0)

  • Six passport style photographs (size 3x4)
  • Copy of the educational facility license
  • 2 notarized copies of ID (passport) translated in Kazakh or Russian languages
  • Original of degree certificate or diploma and 2 copies thereof, notarized and translated into Kazakh or Russian languages
  • Certificate on completion of secondary education
  • The medical certificate form 086-У (for non-resident applicants it is necessary to obtain the certificate in the city student clinic, Bukhar Zhyrau boulevard 14, at the corner of Markov street)

(All documents that is required to be duly notarized in the Republic of Kazakhstan.)

Is it possible for citizens of other states to enter IITU?

How can one enter the university for a fee?

According to order of the RK Minister of Education and Science dated October 31, 2018 No. 600 “Standard rules for admission to educational institutions implementing educational programs of higher education” the graduates of secondary, technical and vocational or post-secondary education who enter higher education educational programs, requiring creative training, who have completed secondary education and want to study for paid tuition at universities according to the results of school complex testing and creative exams, must score not less than 50 points in UNT, including at least 5 points for the history of Kazakhstan, reading literacy in the language of instruction, and at least 5 points for each creative exam.

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